Best Child and Daycare in New York

Best Child and Daycare in New York
Little Daydreamers Learning Center provides the safest and most nurturing environment for your child's growth, allowing for optimal learning and development. Located in the heart of upper Manhattan, near the Bronx, our dedicated team thrives on creating an atmosphere of love, respect, and stability for all of our clients.
Our center is committed to providing high-quality care for infants and toddlers. With a female-dominated staff carefully selected for their excellent qualifications and experience, our center offers personalized attention and a unique learning environment. Certified by the Academy of Parenting and Child Care, an internationally renowned program, our caring and professional staff’s expertise in each field of upbringing is unmatched. The Academy highly recognizes our center’s staff, deeming them highly unified, profound, and transforming.

Our mission is simple: give your children the best possible start in life. By creating a stimulating and harmonious environment, we create a place where your children can thrive and expand their horizons. New and existing families can rest assured that their children’s safety, happiness, and education are our top priorities.

Whether it’s to find care for your little one during the day or night, our center is your one-stop shop for all your child care needs. We have flexible hours, so parents have confidence that their child is in expert hands. We also offer extended care and, upon request, before-and-after school programs during the school year, with extracurricular activities and a holiday program, too. We even provide more, all to meet your needs.

Call us at (917) 771-9028 and make an appointment to visit our center and discover why so many families come to us for their child care needs. We will strive to create a loving and nurturing environment where your little ones can play, explore, and be cared for like they are our own.